Hi, I'm Simon, an English photographer, currently living and working in Oslo, Norway, specialising in wedding & engagement photography, stage shows & performer portraiture.

For me photography represents a personal journey, coming from years performing in front of the camera, to moving behind the lens and capturing the beauty, creativity and strength of others as they create wonderful artistry & powerfully emotive moments in front of my eyes. 

I love exploring other people's creations and helping them to showcase their skills to the world. The challenge for me is to blend the creativity and technicality of both photographer and performer to create something stunning.

I have been very fortunate to travel the world performing and along the way I have seen so many beautiful sights, which inspired me to pick up a camera and learn photography. Now my cameras go wherever I go, whether it's to a show, a day out or a trip abroad. There is always so much to see and be inspired by.

I work mainly in Oslo in Norway for stage shows and in & around London in the UK for weddings. I have a studio in Oslo and many wonderful locations to choose from nearby. In London there is always so much entertainment going on and I mainly shoot weddings & events, along with street portraiture for local artists.

I'm always looking for new projects and love working with local artists and studios to capture and present local talent to the world. If you like my shooting style and would be interested in working together please get in contact.
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